The Long Way

And then the band begins to play,

A happy ending for an oh-so-crappy day.

The music's soothin', your hips start movin',

And you could dance the night away.


You wouldn't know what hit you first,

The ringin' of the guitar when your eardrums burst.

We're going mental but that's just half the battle,

It takes much more than to rehearse.


It takes songs to be written and strings to be tuned,

The crowd goin' wild and the haze in the room,

And when I look down from the stage, I see

You looking back at me.


Here comes the part for drums and bass.

We'll keep it short so we don't fall from grace.

And we won't stop with so much more comin' up,

Like desert rock from outer space.


We're wearin' silly masquerade,

And while I'm busy singin' serenades,

The drunken stagehands sleep in the basement,

And they're not even gettin' paid. - That's Entertainment!


It's been two minutes into the show,

And still a long way to go.

Before you're leavin' enjoy the evenin'

With Gorilla Rodeo!