Hell of a Lady

I was a loner and I was seventeen

When I saw her and she blew my mind

I told her "Honey, you are the girl of my dreams."

When she poured me a whiskey and lime

"I'm the king of Coney Island, won't you be my queen?"

I said and asked if she could spare some time

And she said "Sonny, you're really nice and sweet,

Just draw a number and cue up in the line."


She's an angel that swears like a sailor

She's the beat in the heart of my town

She's a trustworthy friend and a traitor

She's a coat hanger when I feel like hangin' around


She's all I ask for, she's all I need

She picks me up, when I'm face down in the street

She's everybody's darling but one hell of a lady to me