The Ballad of Principle Pete

He was born one Monday morning

And he was their only son

And they said: His name shall be Peter

Like the rock faith was founded upon

They took him to church every Sunday

And they picked him up right after school

When the kids asked him out to come playin’

He had something important to do

He would never be late for a lesson

Kept his clothes always tidy and neat

Not a chance that he took, Peter played by the book

So the kids called him Principle Pete


He grew up and became pretty handsome

Finished school and his future was clear

Don’t waste time with a life full of pleasure

Settle down, have a wife and career

Now some people called him the robot

A cold-hearted, callous machine

But all those attacks could not hold him back

He was proud to be Principle Pete


Every day on his way to the office

He saw a girl singing songs in the street

She was tired of life as a vagabond’s wife

And she dreamed of a man such as he

When she sang, she would leer at poor Peter

When she winked, he looked down at his feet

When she gave him the eye, he just waved her goodbye

And went on being Principle Pete


Now we all have our secret desires

Even Pete was a man deep inside

First she blew him a kiss then he couldn’t resist

As she crawled into him in the night

When he opened his eyes in the morning

He could still feel her breath in his ear

Creeping under his skin, but like hell he’d give in

To a feeling so wondrous and weird


Peter shunned our girl ever after

So that she wouldn’t lead him astray

He would save all his love for the lord up above

And the one that would once bear his name

Now if there is a moral to this story

It’s that stories don’t always end sweet

You may think this is wrong, but such is the song

The Ballad of Principle Pete

The Ballad of Principle Pete

The Ballad of Principle Pete